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    Perth’s Eastern suburbs’ car tinting expert

    There are many advantages to glass tinting, and clients of ours in  Perth  call on our services for a variety of different reasons. You can count on Solarban WA to provide a tinting solution that will suit all of your needs and within your budget. We can help enhance your privacy, reduce glare and keep heat inside your house. It's simple when you call Solarban WA, providing  car tinting  and other window tinting solutions since 1995.
    solarban car glass tint

    Automotive film

    Here at Solarban WA in Perth's Eastern suburbs, our automotive film is the perfect solution for your automobile in Perth. Car tinting is a great way to keep occupants of the vehicle at a comfortable temperature as the vehicle will not heat up or lose heat as quickly as normal. Car tinting can also help protect the interior of the vehicle, which can be damaged by excessive exposure to the sun.

    Solar commercial and residential film

    Solar film is ideal as it can stop up to 80% of heat projection, in addition to providing 99% UV protection. It is particular suited for living areas as it can slow down and stop the fading of curtains and furniture that would otherwise occur. For a film that provides maximum daytime privacy (even with your windows open) and enhances the look of your exteriors, choose solar film every time.

    Security and safety film

    Deter vandals and graffiti artists with out hardy security and safety film.  This film protects your glass from unwanted harm, enhancing the thickness of your glass to meet Australian standards. Not only is this film sturdy, it also blends in with your surroundings and has 98% UV protection.

    Anti-graffiti film

    Anti-graffiti film provides a thin, hard to detect layer that helps to reduce or eliminate the need for expensive glass or other surface replacement. This specialty film is ideal for use in houses, ships and high traffic areas including buses and trams.

    Decorative film

    Decorative film opens up the door to unlimited design possibilities, enhancing the look of your glass. Decorative film offers endless choices for architects and interior designers including frosted, opaque, coloured and pre-printed effects. Speak to us in Perth for more information.
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