Safety and security

solarban exterior of a building with glass and black reflective film

    Complete window tinting solutions in Perth

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    Based in  Perth 's Eastern suburbs, at Solarban WA we are passionate about providing exceptional tinting solutions to our clients. As mentioned, there are many advantages to  window tinting , and clients of ours call on us for a variety of different reasons. Another important advantage of window tinting is the increased security element it brings.


    Window tinting for a vehicle can increase driver and passenger safety. With decreased glare, driving in the early morning, afternoon, and evening is much more comfortable.With the blinding effect of the Perth sun reduced, you can better concentrate and keep your eyes on the road.


    Solarban WA in Perth advises that tinting your car windows can reduce the risk of break ins. Stealing from cars is most often a crime of opportunity. If the thief cannot easily see that the car contains items of value, they will move on to a new target.

    Our safety and security film

    Our safety and security film is made with thick, heavy-duty polyester bonded by the industry's strongest adhesives. This provides a clear, yet powerful barrier that holds glass in place in the event of impact. Speak to us in Perth today to find out more.
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